Hoy partimos una nueva serie de videos: listening. Serán videos cortos sobre temas cotidianos. Así los podrán ver más de una vez. Es lenguaje coloquial a una velocidad normal-lenta. Pero, que no cunda el pánico. A continuación del video verán su transcripción 😉



“The key words for today’s video are: celebrate*, milestone*, foodie*. You may have already (uh) guessed that today’s topic is celebration. Now, the reason that we decided to talk about celebration was because a few weeks ago we reached a new milestone on two of our platforms: on Facebook and on Twitter. We reached 1000 followers on each one, and we decided it was time to celebrate. And, since we are big time foodies, the way that we celebrate is by going to our favorite restaurants and eating something delicious. In this case we went to our favorite sushi restaurant, and we had (uhm) our favorite sushi, tako maki. And, we will link to some pictures on our Facebook page so that you guys can see what type of food we ate.  Well, for this video, we want you guys to let us know how you celebrate your milestones. Do you go out and eat like we do? Do you like to have a spa day or a relaxing day? Do you like to read or have (uhm) a quiet day? So, please, let us know how you celebrate anything important in your life. Leave it in the comments section below. And, if you liked this video and would like to see more videos like this, please give us a “thumbs up,” subscribe, and share this video with your friends. We will see you soon in a new video. Bye!”

*celebrate = celebrar

*milestone = hito

*foodie = amante del buen comer

We’ll see you guys soon! Bye until then.


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