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Hi, guys. This is Alejandra from Dilo en Inglés, and today I have a new listening video for you guys.

A few weeks ago we had a video over coffee. But, we figured that some of you guys out there don’t really drink coffee or you drink something else. And, that’s where I come in because I don’t drink coffee, either. I usually just drink decaf if I drink coffee. But, there’s one beverage that I drink every single day… twice a day sometimes… and I have been drinking it ever since I was a kid and that’s tea.

When I was a kid, I used to drink tea in teabags – the regular tea that comes in the store…that you buy in the store. But, as I grew older I started trying different types of teas. And, now I have some teas that I like a lot and some teas that I really don’t like. So, I wanted to talk to you guys about what teas I like and which ones I don’t.

So, let’s start off with the ones I don’t like. I am not a big fan of herbal infusions or herbal teas. I don’t like chamomile, for example. I don’t like mint teas. Uh, anything where you put a leaf into hot water, for me, that kind of tastes like grass. So, I stay away from those as much as I can.

Now, my favorite teas: I have several teas that I really enjoy. One of my favorites is green tea. I really like green tea. Um, and if I sweeten green tea, I’ll use honey instead of sugar because I think that…the green tea is usually such a delicate flavor, I think that sugar destroys that flavor profile. So, I prefer to drink gree tea without sugar or with honey.

Now, the other type of tea that I really enjoy is chai tea. I really like spicy teas so anything that has ginger like chai tea is really one of my favorites. Chai teas usually come with ginger, turmeric, pepper sometimes, cinnamon, um and other types spices that give it that kind of flavorful…um…taste to it. So, it will depend also…they don’t always taste the same because people blend them with different amounts of those spices. So, it depends on where you buy your chai tea what it’s going to taste like.

And my third tea that I really, really like that I’ve also been drinking since I was a kid is iced tea. And, that may not be something as common here in South America, but iced tea is just regular tea that’s served cold. That’s why it may be a little bit strange for some people because they’re used to drinking tea hot. But, iced tea is something that we drink in Texas during the summer months in…actually, in the South of the United States that is drunk during the summer months because it’s very refreshing. And, you can brew it the same way that you brew regular tea with hot water or you can do what we’d usually do is we would take a big jar of water, cold water. We would put tea bags in it, and we’d put it out in the sun. And, we would brew it with the sun. Um, The point of iced tea is to serve it with ice, sometimes with mint and sometimes with lemon, and, if you’re from Texas, always with sugar. So, we would drink sweet iced tea. There’re other places in the South that drink it without sugar. But, in Texas where we grew up, that’s what you did is that you served iced tea with sugar…always.

Well, now, guys I want to know what you guys enjoy. Do you prefer tea? Do you prefer coffee? And, what types of teas you guys like. Leave that information in the comments section below, and we will get back to you with a new video real soon.

Bye, guys.


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