Hoy aprovechamos de presentar Ivo para hacer un nuevo video sobre listening. Recuerden que este video está completamente en inglés. Es lenguaje coloquial a una velocidad normal-lenta. La transcripción está a continuación del video para que pueden seguir el monólogo. 



“Hi, guys. This is Alejandra from Dilo en Inglés, and you see this big cat that I have here? This is Ivo. We wanted to present Ivo to you. He’s our new cat. [Um] We’ve had him for about 5 months. We found him on the street because his previous owner…or owners or whatever…they just abandoned him in a box which we found, like, horrible. But, [uh] we found him. We didn’t find his other brothers and sisters, but we know his other brothers and sisters are with [uh] neighbors. So, they’re also being looked after which is great.
[Um] He is…we think he’s about 6 months old because he was really tiny when he got here. He really loves to look at himself in the mirror, in cameras. He loves watching TV, things that move around. He doesn’t meow very much which is great. And, he only “speaks” Spanish. [Uh] So, he’s not paying attention to me right now and besides he’s…he’s dead asleep, actually. If you can tell, he’s dead asleep.
But, in this family we’ve always been cat lovers [um] and dog lovers. Animals in general we just really like [uh] we enjoy those types of…[uh] relationships. And, we wanted to ask you guys what kind of animal you guys prefer. Are you cat lovers, dog lovers or other types of animals? Leave us a comment in the comment section below. [uh] We would love to hear from you. We will see you soon next time. I’m going to put this cat down so that I can keep filming. And, we’ll see you soon in another video. Bye, guys.”

See you next time!


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2 thoughts on “Listening 4: Ivo the Cat [VIDEO & transcripción]”

  1. Gracias por las clases. En sus explicaciones evidencian conocimientos y los transmiten de una manera muy didáctica. Cuando Alejandra dice al final de algunas clases de fonética que va a dejar una lista de ejercicios, no sé dónde encontrarlos. Por favor, podrían indicarme.
    ¿Tienen algún instituto? Cariños desde Buenos Aires.

    1. Hola Haydée,
      Oh, no! Me podrías decir el video(s) específico(s) donde me faltan los ejercicios? No he podido dar con la clase exacta.
      No tenemos instituto pero si hay planes de abrir un estudio de idiomas en el futuro! Estamos cruzando los dedos para que nos resulte 🙂
      Saludos a ti y a la maravillosa ciudad de Buenos Aires!

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