Hello, everyone. Today, our listening video deals with a very common problem: allergies. Let’s get started.


Hi guys.

This is Alejandra from Dilo en Inglés, and today we have a new listening video for you guys. Today, I’m going to talk about something that’s very common and that’s allergies.

Most of the people that I know who have allergies always complain about spring allergies…about seasonal allergies during that season in particular. These people are usually allergic to pollen, to some type of plant particle or to dust that rises up in that season specifically.

I have seasonal allergies as well but they’re not related to the spring specifically. I don’t usually have allergic reactions during the spring.

My allergies flare up when there is a drop in temperature. So, I get allergies when we change seasons from summer to fall, from fall to winter, and I can even have allergy attacks during a summer day that’s very cold.

My allergies in particular are not very severe. For people like me who don’t have very severe allergies…seasonal allergies…we can take over-the-counter medication and be ok.

But, people who have severe allergic reactions during different seasons will probably have to consult a doctor, take some sort of prescription medication, and even use an inhaler so they can breathe properly.

Because some of the symptoms that are associated with…uh… allergies of this sort are watery eyes, runny nose, a lot of sneezing because you get really itchy inside of your nose…it’s very, very annoying…and, when it gets really bad, cough… irritation here in the throat and also your lungs start constricting a little bit if it gets really, really bad.

Now, another group of allergies are the food allergies, and these are a little bit more severe. It depends on how severe they are in each case because some people have mild allergies where they’ll break out in a rash, for example. They’ll get red or they’ll feel itchiness in their skin.

But, severe food allergies cause your throat to close up and your tongue to swell. So, you can breathe properly. When people have severe food allergies they have to carry with them an EpiPen®. And, an EpiPen® is an injection that they inject to some part of their body…on their leg, in their chest…so the swelling can go down quickly and they can breathe.

So, now we want to know if you guys have any kinds of allergies. Do you have seasonal allergies? Is it during the spring, during cold weather? Or, do you have any type of food allergy?

Leave that in the comments section below. And, we will get back to you soon with a new video.

Bye, guys.

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