Si usas anteojos o quieres aprender vocabulario asociado con el tema, el siguiente video es para ti. No te olvides que está 100% en inglés nativo y a una velocidad normal. Enjoy!


“(more in the center)

Hi guys, I’m Barb from Dilo en ingles, and today we’re going to do a very short listening class.

Today, we’re gonna talk about these things up here. They’re called glasses…more specifically eyeglasses because I need them to see. See, I am near-sighted. To be near-sighted means that you can read things close, but you can’t see things far away.

People who are far-sighted – because they can see things that are far away – usually need reading glasses so they can read things close up.

So, so far we have eyeglasses; we have reading glasses, and we also have sun glasses. Now, sunglasses can…are used to protect your eyes from the sun. But, they can be either prescription or non-prescription glasses which means you either go to the eye doctor or you don’t go to the eye doctor, and you just go to the supermarket.

So, guys, do you use glasses? Do you use sunglasses, reading glasses, or just simple, basic eyeglasses like I have?

Let us know in the comments below.

Bye, guys.”

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