Continuamos con listening. Hoy se trata de como planificamos nuestra vida en Dilo en Inglés 🙂



“Hey, guys! It’s Alejandra from Dilo en Inglés, and today I have another listening video for you guys. Today, we’re going to talk about…um…what I use to keep Dilo en Inglés organized. We do a lot of content, so it’s important for us to have a daily planner. This daily planner, in particular, is one that I designed..uh…to suit our needs. So, it’s not…we…I just bought the outside of it and designed everything else inside. So, if we take a look inside, the first thing that you see is that you see this little tab. This is the editorial calendar for us especially. And, what I needed to do first and foremost was have…um…this four month…uh…these two, these two pages that have four months: July, August, October, and September because that way I could see what we needed to get done by October in July.

It’s a lot of planning, but the truth is that it makes our life a lot easier. One of the latest things I did was have monthly calendars…excuse me here… which is this one. So, I could plan out the entire month of September, for example, and have an idea of what kind of content we needed month by month. So, at the moment we have…uh…September’s already done. But, we have…um…we started planning October little by little. October. And, it’s going to get full because I wanted to show you guys one of the weeks that we actually have. So, this is…um…one of our weeks. This is…let me find one that’s a little bit more busy. Well, this is kind of our example of a week. If you see over here we have YouTube, a blog post, Facebook, tumblr, and Twitter. And, you see the amount of content on each one of them. So, it’s important for us to keep on…um…keep on top of all this information.

And, we’d also like to know how it is that you keep yourselves organized. Do you prefer to keep this type of calendar or do you prefer a digital method? Your phone or your tablet with google, with another type of program to keep yourselves organized and on time to do everything that you have to do? Remember to like, comment, and subscribe. We’d love to have you as followers. And, we’re going to bring you more and more listening videos, pronunciation videos, and also grammar videos.

So, stay tuned, and we’ll see you guys soon. Bye.”

We’ll see you guys soon! Bye until then.


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